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Women of Nations Eagle Nest Shelter

Eagle's Nest Shelter is an American Indian emergency shelter for battered women and their children. Services for women include a 24-hour crisis line, 24-hour advocacy, safe and confidential housing, parenting groups, support groups, Talking Circles, legal and systems advocacy, transportation to legal, medical, and other appointments (accompanied by an advocate), social activities, and referrals to other agencies when needed. Services for children include school registration, counseling, childcare, and community education presentations.
Community Advocacy Program (CAP) compliments the shelter by providing advocacy services to battered women and their children after they leave the shelter. Additionally the CAP program meets the needs of battered women in the community who do not want to go to the shelter. CAP provides support groups, one-on-ones, home visits, legal advocacy, support and/or referral services. The Community Advocacy Program offers 24-hour access to an advocate when a battered woman is in a crisis situation through the crisis line. CAP provides community education presentations on domestic violence, teen dating violence and new laws training throughout the American Indian community and the community at large.

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Della Plume, Executive Director


Women of Nations Eagle's Nest Shelter
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St. Paul, MN 55102-2719
United States
44° 56' 7.134" N, 93° 7' 13.764" W
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(651) 251-1601 Crisis-Line: (651) 222-5836